I have been seeing this guy for almost two years now. It will be two years in September. The relationship is great. He brings out the best in me, and I can tell by his actions that he cares about me. He has even told me he loves me before. My children like him, and vice versa. He spends time with me as well as my children. He even brings his daughter over often and we have our "family time." On a normal week, we see each other 3 or 4 times a week. Everything sounds great right? Here is the problem. Well I think it's a problem. Please give me your insight about the situation. As I mentioned, we have been together for almost two years now. Going into the relationship, I knew he was coming out of a bad one. I knew all the facts going in. I decided to be patient with his situation. Now, I find it harder to be as patient because we have put in so much time into our relationship. His baby's mother still lives with him. He has said they are only roommates and they even sleep in separate rooms. They don't speak to each other. They are never in the same room. One is upstairs and the other is downstairs. Sometimes he vents about her to me, but not often. He's not one to share too much of his feelings. He's very private. I have no reason to believe that they are intimate. He says they are not and I believe him. That is not an issue for me. The issue I have with this situation is that she is still there. He is too good of a man to put the mother of his child out of his house, but at the same time, she has it too good to leave. What I mean by that is: she works, she pays the bare minimum (sometimes not even that) of bills, she has a babysitter whenever she wants to leave, and she even drives one of his cars. So right now she does not pay a mortgage, or rent, she does not pay for car maintenance, and she has a babysitter whenever she needs one. I honestly don't think she is going to leave on her own. We have talked about this situation several times and he knows how I feel about it. However, the problem still exists. So I asked him does he plan on living like this forever. He assures me that this will not go on forever. I don't mind waiting and being patient because I know this is a difficult situation, but no one can wait forever. I do love him, but sometimes I want to call it quits until he gets this situation under control. Then I think about his feelings and I change my mind. I know how stressed he is in his situation, and how much he enjoys being with me. It's like I'm his oasis of sanity and relaxation. I love him too much to walk away and let him suffer all alone, but at the same time, I don't want to continue on like this years from now. I'm not asking you what should I do. I'm the only one that can make that decision. I'm only asking for your opinion on this situation. I would love to hear what you have to say.