Dear Shirley,

I meet this women and dragged her though the mud when we meet she was broken and had been done so wrong buy her exes. I chased her for about a year showed her the nine yards until she opened up to me. We started dating and her main rule was to be 1000 with her so I told her I would be loyal to her. We began something but as I said I’m a dog, I started living a double life. I would be home at night with her and while she is at work I was with another women. I didn’t love the other women I just like that I didn’t have to work and could pay my bills at home without my love knowing I didn’t have a job. Well everything has turned on me my main women found out via Facebook that I had another women. She went off, all my business was on Facebook even how I have trouble preforming in bed. Now my main women is having my baby and I want her back but she doesn’t want me. This is my first child and I love this women, what shall I do?