I've been married to a friend for 20 years, but I’m crazy in love with my high school sweetheart. I’m not in love with my husband, never was and I think he is still in love with his previous wife. I felt sorry for him when I met him, and thought I was doing him a favor by making his heart stop hurting. In return, I am hurting inside terribly. You see I don’t want to hurt my daughters hearts, my friend (husband's heart,) my mom and dad’s heart, and the church. I ran into my high school sweetheart a time ago and we were kicking it between the sheets for quite some time. Don’t get me wrong, I do have sex with my friend who is my husband and won’t cut him off completely because I am not that kind of woman. I can only commit to one man at a time, keep in mind my high school sweetheart is married too. When we are in the same room, the chemistry is so high everyone can tell were still crazy in love with each other. At times I get very upset with my high school sweetheart because he cannot get away when I need him to because of his wife. He tells me that every now and then that she is still holding on because she wants to catch him in the act. My heart won’t let me do that because I can’t say no if he asks me to meet him to make love.

Crazy In Love.