Good morning,

I’m writing to try to get some advice or maybe even some hope about my relationship. I have been with my children’s father for almost ten years. We have only been married for two years. He is 28 and I am 31. He is an awesome dad. We have been through the ringer together, but we always hold each other down. I remember us being down on our luck and our lights were shut off. Me, him and the kids sat around candles and talked all night. That is one of my favorite memories. I love him to death. The only thing is that he is a compulsive cheater and he has been since two years into our relationship. We have so much fun together. His thing is not going out having sex. He gets girls numbers. They might talk on the phone or text occasionally, but when I find out, the communication between him and the random stop. Then I end up finding another number months down the line. What do you think, Steve? Should I give up or continue to fight for my family? I do love him.