Dear Steve,

My man wants to audit me! You read it correctly. He has been working with me to get my finances in order. My bills were out of wack, but I am back on track now. What we discussed in the beginning is that he would help me to determine what I should pay and how to get caught up, where I could save, etc. He has helped others with their finances by giving them guidance, I thought it would be okay. Things started off alright. When I would get paid, I had certain amounts I would set aside, bills I would pay, and before I knew it, I was out of the hole. It felt great. I wasn't supposed to use my bank card, except for bills I pay online. Other than that, I would get cash for the week. I did get off track with that after a while, but my bills are still paid and I have still saved some. Every now and again, he will ask how am I doing. Mind you, he is not paying any of my bills, nor has he paid off anything. In the past, he has helped a few times, but there is no consistent paying of anything. I have done all the work on my own. One weekend when we were not speaking (had a little spat), things went sour. I used my card, spent extra money, went shopping, etc. We talked later and were fine. Some time has gone by now, and we were planning to have a fun weekend. The next thing I knew, I got a message from him telling me that before we leave for the weekend, I need to provide the last three months of my bank statements, receipts for all bills I have paid in the last three months, cash I have saved for the last three months and all of the bills I currently owe because he is going to do an audit! I am appalled!! I know he is a stickler for finances, but he does not have the right to "audit" me. We live in separate households. I pay ALL of my bills. We are not married and not even engaged to be married. Now, handling finances is not my strong suit, and I made him aware of that when we first began to see one another. I thought it was only fair to let him know in advance that I had issues in this area so that he could make an educated decision about whether he wanted to get involved with me. I was very transparent. He chose to stay with me regardless. We have had some rough times in this area, but we have worked through them and I am doing so much better than ever before. He seems to think that he is correct in what he is doing. He feels that before he can marry me, I have to have my finances in order. I don't make a whole lot of money, but I have a good job with excellent benefits. I'm not the greatest with finances, but I would never be a burden on anyone. I hardly have any debt; no credit card debt or student loans, or anything like that. All I have is my household bills and a few medical bills I am paying on. I believe if he wants to marry me, this should not be a factor. It's not like I am going to run him in the ground with debt. It is so easy to say I am going to let him go, but the truth is, I am very much in love. It's hard. Other than this foolishness, he is really one of the sweetest, fun, intelligent and solid men I have met. Steve, what is your opinion and advice for this situation?