I do not want money, I want to truly sit down with someone and they hear my ideas. I feel like I have what it takes to get out of my situation if I was around the right people. I am one of those people that do not know the right questions to ask, know the places to go, and truly I am not that smart. I just feel God has blessed me with great Ideas. Ideas that can change my life forever and I just want someone to listen and help me push myself because doing it alone is not easy. Especially, when you do not know where to go and feel like giving up. I don’t know, maybe this is God's way of tell me, that I need to stop trying to be somebody and realize I am part of a family, where being financially free, is not an option. Just saying that made me realize, I CAN NOT FAIL! I have to show them, what a mustard seed of faith can do!