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Move over Tupac. Aaliyah is the newest late-star who has been resurrected thanks to hologram special effects.

In Chris Brown‘s latest music video, the on-again, off-again boyfriend of Rihanna (or is it Karreuche?) brought Aaliyah’s famous dance moves back to life as her vocals are featured on the track.

In the black and white (with a hint of red and blue) clip, C. Breezy hits the streets of Compton in L.A. in a low-rider before meeting up with a bunch of buddies around town.

Chris then shows off his dance moves alongside digitized holograms of Aaliyah, who dances around him in a dark room. Towards the end of the video is a written message that reads, “Dear Aaliyah, We love and miss you, thank you for inspiring all of us.” At least he paid proper respects.

Peep the whole “Don’t Think They Know” music video for yourself!