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2 Chainz is opening up about what he calls a "bonehead" robbery attempt. 

During a recent appearance at Cipha Sounds' hip-hop comedy show "Take It Personal," the rapper recalled a time in high school when he and two buddies planned to rob a Wendy's. 

Using a stolen car, the group set out to hit the fast food restaurant with the help of a fellow student who worked the drive-through.  With 2 Chainz at the wheel, the three pulled up to the drive-through and the rapper ordered a large lemonade.  That's when another employee recognized 2 Chainz's voice and called out, "that sounds like Tauheed," which is the rapper's real name.  Knowing their cover was blown, 2 Chainz says he sped out of the drive-through. 

This week, 2 Chainz released his second album B.O.A.T.S. 2: Me Time.

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