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Kanye West fans may see a second coming of Yeezus.  Def Jam co-founder Rick Rubin tells there "might be" a Yeezus sequel in the future.  Rubin - who helped executive produce "Yeezus" - explains that Kanye came to him just five weeks before the album was set to hit stores. At that point, Rubin says the album was "unfocused" and many of the songs still didn't have Kanye's vocals. 

Kanye apparently envisioned Yeezus having about 16 tracks, but Rubin suggested he make the album "more concise," and even recommended that Kanye split the material into two distinct albums.  Rubin says that was the "first breakthrough" they had with the album.  Kanye and Rubin worked tirelessly for 15 days and were able to whittle the album down to its current ten tracks.  It was a close call, however, as Kanye finished recording the album just three days before he was scheduled to turn it in to his record label. 

Following its first week in stores, Yeezus ended up at number one on the Billboard 200 chart after selling 327,000 copies.