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Pusha T is enlisting Kendrick Lamar for his upcoming album My Name Is My Name.  

The Clipse rapper tells that he and Kendrick collaborated on a record called "Nose Stalgia." 

Apparently, the track gives both the emcees' perspectives on the drug epidemic.  Pusha explains that Kendrick looks at the inner city drug problem from "inside of his home" and how it affected his family.  

While "Nose Stalgia" takes on a series subject, Pusha says the most poignant song is called "S.N.I.T.C.H."  The Pharrell-produced track tells the story about a police informant from the informant's perspective. 

Pusha explains that he decided to make the track as a reaction to "one-dimensional street raps" that only vilify informants. 

My Name Is My Name hits stores on October 8th. 

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