Bad Girls Club isn’t all for show after all.

Ashley Pettiford (aka Ashley King) and her baller boyfriend, Ty Lawson, have both been arrested for domestic violence, but since announced it was all a big mistake.

The former reality star is six months pregnant and recanted her original claims that the Denver Nuggets player shoved her during a heated argument.  The Season 6 Bad Girls Club alum was originally arrested along with her man after police responded to calls from neighbors around 9AM on Saturday, according to reports.

After realizing that both parties could be to blame and had broken each other’s cell phones, they hauled both in for booking. She was charged with domestic violence and criminal mischief while he was slapped with an additional harassment charge.

The two were released on $1,000 bond after three days in jail and are insisting the whole situation was a “misunderstanding”. According to TMZ, The pair say they’re “working things out” and are already back together.  They’re due back in court on Friday.

Let’s hope they figure SOMETHING out for the sake of that baby bump.

Photo Credit YouTube