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GOOD Music rapper "CyHi the Prynce" is revealing the true meaning behind the title to Kanye West's sixth album Yeezus.  

CyHi - who helped write nine of the ten tracks on Yeezus - tells MTV News that the album title isn't just an allusion to Christianity.  Instead, the emcee explains that the title breaks down to "'Ye-Is-Us." 

CyHi doesn't care if people know the true meaning of the album's title, even though he says Kanye prefers to let people figure it out for themselves.  

CyHi also dished the inside details about what went on during the group writing sessions for Yeezus.  He says the group of writers "wrote a booklet of different things" that could be included in the album. 

Apart from helping to pen lyrics, CyHi says he was also tasked with "keeping the environment in the room."