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(TMZ) - So much for a cooler, calmer Kanye.

TMZ reports that West emerged from a restaurant in L.A. over the weekend, and exploded on a photog - not a TMZ guy - screaming at the cameraman to stop taking photos, ASAP. 

Minutes before the incident, Kanye had banged his head into a metal sign while trying to hide his face from a pack of paparazzi, and blamed it on the snappers. 

According to TMZ, West restrained himself from going after the paps in the moments after the head-slamming, only to emerge from the eatery minutes later, even angrier than he was before. 

TMZ reports that the pap told West he had just arrived on the scene - and meant no harm. 

West eventually turned around and went back into the restaurant. It's unclear if Kanye ever laid a hand on the photog. 

Inhale, exhale ...

*Warning: Explicit Language


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