Your Name: Wendi Latour
Email address:
Phone Number: 912-656-1489
Indicate LOST or FOUND: Lost

Description:  Siamese, very fluffy 20 lbs, blue eyes, darker gray, reward for info
He is declawed, neutered and has health issues. He is 13 years old and a member of
our family. We are devastated and offering a reward for info. Please help.

Pet's name if known
Its a cat named Dizzy

Is there a collar/tag/microchip? Please describe:  when last seen he had on a purple collar and name tag with a bell.

Height, weight, age if known. 20 lbs, 13 yr old

Male or Female? Spayed or Neutered? male neutered

When and where the animal was last seen, or when/where you found it.
lost from home, 175 belle grove circle, richmond hill, behind the dollar general on 17 & 144

In the picture he is the darker cat although the other cat has been missing as well.