Your Name: Gelcys Nielsen
Email address:         
Phone Number: 912-401-8564
Indicate LOST or FOUND: LOST

Description: Male, long haired black cat with graying collar, light green eyes, long fangs stick out with mouth shut – skittish, sick when last seen wheezing/panting.

Pet's name if known TRAVELER
(Is it a dog, cat, bird, etc.)  cat

Is there a collar/tag/microchip? Please describe: microchip 985121008136073

Height, weight, age if known.  7 years old, about 11 lbs

Male or Female? Spayed or Neutered?  Male, Neutered

When and where the animal was last seen, or when/where you found it. Last seen Thursday morning April 3, backyard at Gordonston/Goebel Ave in the Gordonston Neighborhood (Skidway/Gwinnett/Pennsylvania).