A short time ago, Janet Bean of Pooler was hit and killed by a drunk driver on Interstate 95. Her daughter Kandy contacted various news outlets to find loving homes for the pets she left behind. Peanut the Boxer and Dixie Rose the dachsund, were lifelong friends and only had each other as they grieved the loss of their mother. The ideal situation would be to find a home where they could be together. Kandy said Janet called these dogs "her babies."

Jody Chapin of WTOC contacted me and asked for help. I posted the information on our website and Facebook pages and mentioned it that afternoon hoping someone might be moved to help.

Later that hour I heard from Sandra Chapman of Rincon. She had lost one of our own dogs recently and was willing to open her home to the two dogs and help them get through their sadness. Kandy brought them over and...the rest is history. Here are the first pictures of the new happy family.

Thank you Sandra for being the kind of listener that makes me happy.


Sandra is pictures center with Janet's daughter Kandy on the right.