Roger writes:

A close family friend of mine died last week in his residence, leaving two beautiful Siamese cats in search of a home.  They are in a foster home for this week only.  Sunday, they’re in limbo again.  

Both are females, both spayed, both have their claws, and both have always been indoor cats.  Their names are Cassie (6.1 pounds) and Elsa (10.6 pounds).  Cassie is a Siamese mix with a long, sleek body, nearly white hair with beautiful beige markings.  Elsa is more typically Siamese, with the traditional seal-point color and dark markings.  

They are four and five years old respectively.  Although they were left alone in the home of their former owner for several days, they checked out great at the vet last week—no health issues, and they are now up to date on their vaccinations.  

They are free of charge to a good home that can take them both, as they have been together for most of their lives.  

Please feel free to call me on my cell phone (665-2560) if you can help and please share this with any cat lover you feel might step in.  

Roger Smith Director of Community Outreach Senior Citizens, Inc.  (912) 236-0363 x145