7/17/2014 10:15am Update:

A total of THREE (3) tow lines snapped while trying to get the Escapade unstuck from a sandbar yesterday. 

Eventually, all but 11 folks on board were evacuated by U.S. Coast Guard boats and crewmembers from CG Station Tybee.  Four people who couldn't climb down to the the rescue rafts were evacuated by CG helicopter. 

Seven crewmembers stayed on board.  At last check, the boat is still stuck on a sandbar off Tybee Island.


Laura Anderson's Blog 7/16/2014 1:30pm -

It's been more than 13 hours since the new Savannah casino boat The Escapade got stuck on the ocean bottom in Calibogue Sound off Tybee Island with 123 people on board.  This was the boat's maiden voyage, too!

Wearing life vests, passengers and crew members watched the sandbar underneath the boat get bigger and bigger before the tide finally turned.  High tide hit around noon and that's when folks expected the boat to be able to get moving again.

The U.S. Coast Guard has been on scene since early morning keeping an eye on the situation. 

When the tide was finally high enough for tow boats to come in and give The Escapade a tug, the line snapped - not once, but TWICE!

That's right, after waiting SO LONG for a high enough tide to get a stuck ship moving, tow lines kept snapping.

The Coast Guard is now transferring people off the stuck ship.  The passengers are being taken to CG Station Tybee where trasportation is being arranged for them.

PS:  We talked with WTOC's Whitney Harris this morning and she said one passenger was supposed to start a new job today.  Can you imagine?! 

PSS:  After all that this boat went through to finally get going...and after the Savannah casino boat debacles of the past...I don't think the Hostess City of the South is meant to have a gambling boat here!!!


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 "Some EXTREMELY HAPPY people leaving the Escapade! Thumbs up!" - #WTOCJamieErtle

(PHOTO:  WTOC Jamie Ertle)