The Effingham County Sheriff's Office are giving gun owners little excuse not to safely lock up their firearms, as it is handing out free firearms safety locks.

"The Effingham County Sheriff's Office is committed to keeping our community, and especially our children, safe," Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie  said.

Sheriff McDuffie is encouraging gun owners to practice safe and responsible firearms ownership and storage by having the Sheriff's Office distribute safety locks to residents free of charge.

Residents can pick up the free gun cable locks, at the Sheriff 's Office with no questions asked. This program is being launched by Sheriff McDuffie following the latest school shooting.

Sheriff McDuffie will be available for media interviews tomorrow at 1 p.m. at the new Effingham County Jail where he he will display the new gun locks.

In addition , Sheriff McDuffie provides the following safety tips:

Gun Lock Safety Tips

  *   Keep cable and lock outside of trigger guard at all times.
  *   Always push cable into padlock until it locks securely.
  *   After removing key, tug on cable to ensure connection is secure.
  *   Store key to the gun lock and the firearm separately.
  *   Be sure to store key in a location inaccessible to unauthorized persons, particularly children.
  *   Do not work the firearm’s action with the lock in place. This may damage the lock and/or the firearm.
  *   If the lock’s plastic coating becomes damaged or separated from the steel cable or the lock face, replace the lock.

General Firearm Safety Tips

  *   Keep all firearms locked in a safe place, away from children and other unauthorized persons.
  *   Store ammunition under lock and key, separately from firearms.
  *   Read and understand the owner’s manual that came with your firearm.
  *   Follow safe gun handling practices: keep muzzle pointed in a safe direction; keep fingers off the trigger; and keep the firearm unloaded when not in use.